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Gait trainer GT I ( Reha-Stim Technologies)

"Learning to walk by walking".
The focus of Gait Trainer is to improve the patient´s ability to walk through continuous practice. We achieve great success by repetitive training of lost movements. The Gait Trainer GT I assists the patient in his or her recovery of gait by relieving the gtibody of its own weight and adapting the pace to the individual ability of the patient. Just like a child making his first steps with the help of his parents´ supporting arms. With this approach we not only want to stimulate the patient´s gait abilities. At the same time we give the attending staff back part of their therapeutic resources. Compared to traditional treadmill therapy the use of the Gait Trainer GT I demands significantly less effort.

Gait Trainer GT I
The Gait Trainer is easy to use and does not require a lot of instruction: Before the therapy session the patient dons our harness system. This system is customizable to the physical characteristics of your patients. The patient gets positioned using the built-in swivel device, the feet getting fixed on the base plates and the wire mounts attached in order to compensate the body´s side movement. Finally, you may adjust step length and gait speed. During therapy, the integrated servo drive automation supports the patient´s own effort in order to keep the rotation speed constant. Horizontal and vertical trunk movements of the patient are also assisted according to the gait phase. We consider a range from 800 to 1000 steps ideal for one training session.

The optional FES socket is configured cycle-dependent. GT I offers between four and eight channels of stimulation, so up to eight muscles or nerves may be stimulated during therapy.

On several occasions clinical studies proved that the combined therapy of stroke patients in the Gait Trainer GT I is clearly superior to conventional physiotherapy achieved with simultaneous relief of therapists. In the course of one of the largest treatment surveys in the field of motor rehabilitation, the "Deutsche Gangtrainer Studie" (DEGAS) has evaluated our GT I with great success.

The Gait Trainer GT I allows flexible deployment of its treatment for a number of diseases. Thus CP-children, patients with incomplete paraplegia, SHT, MS and Parkinson may benefit from the therapeutic possibilities of the GT I, same as patients with joint replacements. Today, our CE-certified Gait Trainer GT I gains currency with great success in treatment centers worldwide.