Woodway LokoHelp Rehabilitation System                             woodway1

Lokohelp is an end effector system, namely, is support by means of the machine from last ring of the cinematic chain (from leg).
Since hip and knee joints are free in the end effector system, the system enables the patient to join the walking training actively.

The patient moves with the Lokohelp and learns to move his/her right muscle in right time. This allows the patient to walk in a shorter time and such walk to become higher quality.
Since the end effector systems allow the patient to join active according to the activities, they give better results over other system in learning to walk again.

Unless other robotic systems, the patient is supported by a two-point weight bearing system and thus a better body stabilization is obtained. Such two-point weight bearing system enables to exercise by symmetrical, asymmetrical, dynamical and static weight bearing systems in different loads and thus a support system is created in accordance with the requirements of that person. Among the existing robotic systems, only Woodway Lokohelp Rehabilitation System has such property.

Unless most systems, walking exercises are performed by means of Lokohelp on different surfaces.  Angle of inclination (slope) enables the patience to perform the going-up activity as they experience trouble at most. In this mode, rear leg muscle group becomes more active.

They may be used not only for people, who are not able to work, but also for people with gait disorder as well as for people, for lost their walking function after orthopedic surgical operation.

With Lokohelp, walking training goals
To gain a free walking skill
To increase the pace
To improve quality of the working pattern
To improve joint movements
To reduce contraction (spasticity)
To enhance muscular force (somatotonia)
To improve body and head control