Amadeo by Tyromotion

“The Amadeo System, developed by tyromotion, is an excellent device for neurological hand therapy, especially for the rehabilitation of paretic hands after surgery, for orthopaedic therapy and the rehabilitation of the upper limps after surgical interventions. Thus the Amadeo system can be seen as one of the versatile devices in the therapeutic field.”



After the finger pads have been fixed on the finger tips and thumbs, automated movement sequences are performed. Depending on the degree of neurological damage, the patient can be treated either merely passively or actively. His/her therapist defines a personalized program.

1. CPM Therapy – the passive hand is stimulated
2. Assistive Therapy – active training at the individual limit of performance
3.  Interactive Therapy – active training in a virtual environment based on the goal-oriented performing of different tasks

In patients with a limited scope of movement of individual fingers or the entire hand, the targeted exercises performed with the therapy unit help to improve motor and sensory functions. As a result of the therapy program that is tailored to their individual needs, patients quickly regain more quality of living. Therapists can select passive, assistive and active variants from the different modules depending on the progress achieved in the course of therapy.




The patented mechanism of Amadeo® imitates the natural grasping movement and imprints it on the patient’s hand. As simple as this step may seem, the processing and the healing process of the body are extremely ingenious. The brain, stimulated by the movements of hand and fingers, starts to reorganize and/or rearrange motor functions, stimulated by the movements of hands and fingers. In the process, the intensive training with a high frequency of grasping movements especially promotes the learning process. In the course of the task-oriented training with Amadeo®, the demands can be stepped up continuously. The unit always supports exactly the intensity that means training at the patient’s individual limit of performance.

Amadeo® improves the motor skills as well as the power of fingers and/or hand, and reduces spasticity. In that way, it helps the patients to win back the natural scope of movement of their hands as far as this is possible. The varied training und the clearly structured feedback evaluations are very motivating for the patients.

  1. Continuous and ergonomics simulation of grasping movements
  2. Ideal for all phases of neurological rehabilitation in the form of active, assistive and passive therapies
  3. Enables the measurement of the isometric force and of the scope of movement for the upper extremitie
  4. Integrated real-time bio feedback
  5. High degree of flexibility and simple to use