True to our philosophy to encourage the patient and to provide relief for the therapist, to show ways based on advanced scientific knowledge to include low-cost optimal therapeutic results.

The Bi-Manu-Track is fully electronically controlled and thereby combines the requirements of motor therapy with the capabilities of modern technological innovations.


The Bi-Manu-Track enables patients to perform units of underarm pro- and -supination and exercises to train wrist flexion and extension. Thanks to the ability to perform all exercises symmetrically or mirrored, the Bi-Manu-Track opens a broad range of applications. Amplitude, speed and resistance can also be easily adjusted to the needs and abilities of your patients.

The Bi-Manu-Track addresses specifically both sides of the human musculoskeletal system. Lost movements are reanimated with the help of the healthy side. With our approach of the distal application, we also use a larger cortical representation of the hand compared to the shoulder. The stand-alone therapy allows the full concentration of the relevant brain areas in the affected treatment area.

Different modes of active and passive movement allow a therapeutic treatment according to your patients abilities. The use of the Bi-Manu-Track is designed to be as easy to use for therapists as for the patient. Flexible adjustment of height and handle position are easy to use, same as cushion and hand strap.

Our experiences have shown that  consistently applied treatment with the Bi-Manu-Track lowers spasticity in chronic patients. It also leads to an improvement in motor functions. In the scientific debate over the past few years the Bi-Manu-Track found growing popularity. The proven therapeutic efficacy of our concept confirmed us in our efforts.