The human hand is our primary means to interact with our environment. Without this ability, we are subject to significant restrictions. We now add this most important human instrument of interaction to our focus of the therapy of the severely affected arm.

To optimise the recovery of sensory and motor abilities we complete our portfolio of rehabilitation devices with the Reha-Digit.
The Reha-Digit fills a gap in the rehabilitation of the upper extremity. With our new device, we turn our attention to the treatment of plegic fingers. The joint effect achieved by stimulating the finger pad in conjunction with the device's built-in vibration stimulus thereby allows a high degree of sensory stimulation.


We can rely on our successful experiences gained in the implementation of the distal approach in order to reach the aim of effective therapy, i.e. the most extensive restoration of sensory and motor capabilities of your patients. We tread this path, especially concerning the mobilization of the finger, by effectively counteracting the shortening of relevant muscles. Here we want to stimulate the relief of a possible spasticity by referring to the proven effect of afferent feedback to the brain. At the same time we utilise the body's sensory skills as teachers for motor functions.