ReoGo is the world’s most advanced 3 dimensions robotic system for upper limb therapy, designed to facilitate three-dimensional repetitive arm movements through the use of an advanced, fully motorized robotic arm.

The system is suited for a wide variety of patients in all stages of stroke recovery, offering five modes of operation; ranging from passive support for highly functional patients to guided motion for cases with little or no arm mobility. ReoGo enhances patient motivation through a variety of interactive and stimulating games that imitate natural hand movements. Pro-/supination & grip sensing as additional accessories.



Bullet Combines easy-to-use software with interactive 3-D graphics
Bullet Provides better results 
Bullet Portable, compact design ideal for any rehabilitation environment
Bullet Quick set up
Bullet Allows the patient to work independently, with minimal professional staff intervention
reo2 Flexible interface: 
      Use a pre-defined library of exercises, or;
      Program your own exercise session
Bullet Multiple handle combinations accommodating all patient requirements
Bullet Grip & Release Handle
Bullet Provides patients with constant feedback on therapy progress, with detailed scoring
Bullet Sophisticated data collection and reporting, saving valuable time
Bullet Patient data base and usability information
Bullet Versatile library of challenging games to increase patient motivation